What is Earth-Kind Gardening?

Earth-Kind uses research-proven techniques to provide maximum gardening and landscape enjoyment while preserving and protecting our environment.

 The objective of Earth-Kind is to combine the best of organic and traditional gardening and landscaping principles to create a new horticultural system based on real-world effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

The principal goals of Earth-Kind include:

  • Water conservation
  • The safe use and handling of fertilizers & pesticides
  • Reduction of yard wastes entering urban landfills
  • Landscaping for Energy Conservation

As your interest and knowledge in these areas grows you will have an increased awareness of the many programs, practices and activities that are Earth-Kind. Working together we can make a difference in conserving and protecting our valuable natural resources.


For additional information check out the TAMU website:

Planning the Home Landscape Earth-Kind® Edition

We feel it will get you started on the right path to a beautiful earth friendly landscape.

Gardening Tips

  • Jan 1 - Trim Oak Trees +

    Trim Oak trees for the next six weeks, lower occurrence of oak wilt carrier beetle
  • Feb 14 - Prune Rose Bushes +

    Prune bush roses by half, always pruning just above buds facing away from the centers of the plants.
  • Mar. 16 - Last Avg. Killing Frost +

    Last average killing frost date is March 16th. Be sure tender plants are covered during cold nights.
  • April 1 Fertilize Lawns after Third Mowing +

    Fertilize lawns with a 4-1-2 or 3-1-2 ratio fertilizer after the third mowing. Soil test may indicate you only need
  • May 1 - Okra +

    Time to plant Okra and Peas
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